Learn 'Why Lincoln Fought the Civil War'
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2010-10-21 00:56:00 UTC
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Learn 'Why Lincoln Fought the Civil War'

{EXCERPT} NorthJersey.com (press release) -- Guest speaker Richard Schwartz, an
Abraham Lincoln authority, will present "Why Lincoln Fought the Civil War"
during the next Montville Twp. Historic...


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2010-10-25 03:01:31 UTC
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A better question might be; "Why Lincoln Started the Civil War?"

His entire cabinet had advised him not to re-supply Fort Sumter.
Progress was being made to bring the states back. There were many in
the South that were sympathetic to the Union, speaking out in favor of
ending the succession movement.

Lincoln was willing to exchange Fort Sumter if he could have re-enforced
another Fort in Florida (but he could not), or even if Virginia would
sign a loyalty oath while the were continuing to try and bring the
severed states back into the Union (which they could not do).

Lincoln knew full well that Fort Sumter could never be defended... this
was his line in the sand (promised when he took the oath of office as
President). He was looking for a fight and got one. That's the problem
with War; everyone thinks it can be so simple, until the fighting

Had he waited just a few weeks, we might have avoided this terrible war.